Best Sites for RTP Comparison

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The Best Websites for RTP Comparison

People that wish to play a slot with a high RTP would have to log into their casino account, open the game, and check what the return percentage would be. This is indeed a tedious task; however, there is something else players can do in order to get information on the highest RTP games without having to check each individual one. After all, there are more than thousands of games out there. In this list, we have included the best sites for RTP comparison.

Learn More From “Best Casino Sites” is a great source of information when it comes to the comparison of the different player return rates from a number of games. They often offer a “top 10 list” which not only shows the percentage of the game but also offers the readers the chance to try the majority of titles for free (if the function is made available). This website is dedicated to the “philosophy of the RTP,” so it comes as no surprise that visitors will find the most popular slots here.

The “Yes No Casino” Site

Another gem in the iGaming world of information, the website, is a great source of information for finding out which slots theoretically pay out the best. Although the website is geared towards providing complete online casino reviews, its unique “RTP Database” section is the one that offers a complete look on different games, which are classified by the names of their software developers. The website itself has a slogan that states “the world’s biggest RTP database,” which is bold, and apparently, true. The only “drawback” would be the fact that if people want to learn more about a specific slot besides its RTP, they will have to open its review page.

Slots and Tables Gives You All the Data is a website that doesn’t have a super detailed page on the return rate of its reviewed games, but it takes a different approach that appeals to players who already know what they are looking for. The site’s “best RTP slots” section presents a list of games right away, and it is the listing of vital specs that makes this minimalistic approach quite successful. Besides the return rate percentage, readers will learn how many reels a slot has, its volatility factor, the number of paylines, and of course – the minimum and maximum bets.

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Get the Most from Slots Info

When it comes to short introductions of different games, makes the rounds by starting with a “top 10” list. Like the previously mentioned website, this one also offers its readers the essential information about the base features of the presented slot; however, it does something more. A screenshot of every game in the list is accompanied by an introductory paragraph that provides a further explanation of the statistics mentioned above.

A Bingo Sites Offers Good RTP Reviews and More

Although doesn’t seem to feature an “outright list” of its games, it takes its time to explain the benefits of the slots it reviews. Website visitors will learn which are the most famous RTP slot examples here, along with who made them. Although there won’t be additional information about the games’ number of reels or bet limits, will include a banner with a bonus offer accompanying each slot!

Remember to Verify All Information

Bear in mind that the best websites will always provide you with a bit more information – it won’t be just the RTP percentage. It is important to note that the presence of more information, means that the experts have done extensive research on the subject. Also, make sure you remember to cross-reference different information sources in order to affirm their validity. If you wish to play a particular slot with a high return rate, check its reviews on different websites!