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Best Sites for RTP Comparison

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The Best Websites for RTP Comparison

People that wish to play a slot with a high RTP would have to log into their casino account, open the game, and check what the return percentage would be. This is indeed a tedious task; however, there is something else players can do in order to get information on the highest RTP games without having to check each individual one. After all, there are more than thousands of games out there. In this list, we have included the best sites for RTP comparison.

Learn More From “Best Casino Sites”

Bestcasinosites.net is a great source of information when it comes to the comparison of the different player return rates from a number of games. They often offer a “top 10 list” which not only shows the percentage of the game but also offers the readers the chance to try the majority of titles for free (if the function is made available). This website is dedicated to the “philosophy of the RTP,” so it comes as no surprise that visitors will find the most popular slots here.

The “Yes No Casino” Site

Another gem in the iGaming world of information, the yesnocasino.com website, is a great source of information for finding out which slots theoretically pay out the best. Although the website is geared towards providing complete online casino reviews, its unique “RTP Database” section is the one that offers a complete look on different games, which are classified by the names of their software developers. The website itself has a slogan that states “the world’s biggest RTP database,” which is bold, and apparently, true. The only “drawback” would be the fact that if people want to learn more about a specific slot besides its RTP, they will have to open its review page.

Slots and Tables Gives You All the Data

Slotsandtables.com is a website that doesn’t have a super detailed page on the return rate of its reviewed games, but it takes a different approach that appeals to players who already know what they are looking for. The site’s “best RTP slots” section presents a list of games right away, and it is the listing of vital specs that makes this minimalistic approach quite successful. Besides the return rate percentage, readers will learn how many reels a slot has, its volatility factor, the number of paylines, and of course – the minimum and maximum bets.

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How Does the Martingale Betting Strategy Work?

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Perhaps the most popular betting system in the world, the Martingale, is scientifically proven to fail in its real-world implementation. On the other hand, it is what the system stands for and the way it functions that gives both beginner and seasoned players the hope that they can change the final amount of their bankrolls. In today’s article, we will explain how the Martingale works and how well does it stack up against other popular betting systems.

Where Is the Martingale Used – The Games

Demonstrating the Martingale strategy can only be done in games that offer even (or close to even) bets. Some of those are found in Roulette (red or black, evens or odds, etc.), and Blackjack as well. The system relies on (almost) an equally distributed chance of occurrence between the losing and winning conditions.

The Process - The Martingale’s Goal Is to Recover Losses

After placing a wager on the appropriate bet, the player will need to lose, in order to implement the Martingale. If the round/hand is a losing one, the player would then double their initial bet. If the hand/round is a winning one, the previous loss would have been successfully recovered; however, if it’s a losing one, the bet must be doubled again. This way, when the outcome is in the player’s favor, they would have successfully made back the money they lost in all of the previously unsuccessful game rounds.

The First Challenges of the System

Theoretically, this is a sound strategy; however, its implementation in online casino games is next to impossible. This is due to the fact that the Martingale works because it relies on two things – an unlimited budget, and the lack of betting limits. In truth, the majority of betting ranges on both Roulette and Blackjack tables would allow only for “five doublings” of a player’s initial bet, which is usually the lowest allowed sum.

Many Variations of the Martingale Exist

One of the most popular variants of this strategy is the “Reverse Martingale.” As its name suggests, it works on the opposite principle of the original system, and instead of doubling a bet on losses, a player does it on their winnings. This is meant to increase the profit maximization from winning streaks. The “Paroli” is another system that functions just like the Reverse Martingale, but limits its number of doubled bets, with the intention of minimizing losses. Other betting systems depict the creation of “bet sequences” in a special mathematical progression, and so on; however, no matter how complex or easy a strategy is, it always ends up being debunked by its real-world application.

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Best Online Casinos That Don’t Limit Players - Why Online Casinos limit players?

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Why the Best Online Casinos Have Limits?

Self-limits, deposit and withdrawal limits, betting limits – if looked at from this way, playing even in the best online casino in the world would sound like a pretty “limiting” experience. At least that is how it would appear from the perspective of a novice player. There is no casino that completely lacks any limits, and if there were one, it wouldn’t be fair. So why do casinos see it fit to confine their members in specific aspects, what limitation types are there, and which are the bests venues which offer the best margins? You will find all of the answers right here.

Limits Are an Important Part of Regulating the iGaming Industry

Making a slightly larger bet in an online casino game isn’t like physically placing an extra chip on the table – reversing a mistaken bet in an online gambling venue is impossible. Jurisdictional administrations that license and regulate online operators have a strict list of rules, which also dictate the implementation of specific limits for the protection of the player. This is why, when people register their online accounts, they will have the chance to set their deposit limits based on time-frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and by amount.

VIP Players Are Known to Receive Better Benefits

Players that prove the “substantial size of their budget,” will naturally be able to utilize higher limits when it comes to making deposits, withdrawals, or even placing bets. Although raising the limits for VIP clients of an online casino is common practice, some operators set the same parameters for all of their players, regardless of their budget.

Which Limits Can Be Non-Existent in an Online Casino?

Usually, there is a limit to how many withdrawals a player can make on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Out of all restrictions set forth by an online casino, this is probably the only limit that can be removed, based on several factors. Among the most important ones is the customer’s history with the casino. Usually, operators tend to grant “unlimited withdrawals” to players that have invested a substantial amount of money within the online casino itself – this is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that most of those players are part of the VIP program.

But don't forget that every online casino player has chance to get banned as well.

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Can Online Casinos Ban You? Why Do Online Casinos Ban Players?

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Can Online Casinos Ban Your Account?

The short answer to this question is “yes”; however, what is important are the conditions under which an operator would initiate a banning procedure of a player. Every casino has a very long list of terms and conditions which details the acceptable “betting behavior” or “correct use of bonus funds” – those are a few of the rules that will play a vital part in the well-being of a player’s casino membership. In this article, you will learn when an online casino can ban your account.

Regulated Online Casinos Will Not Ban Without a Probable Cause

Licensed and regulated venues are associated with a number of high-profile institutions, which are tasked with handling any conflicts of interest that may arise between a player and an online gambling operator. If such a casino has made a decision to ban a member, they would have proven (beyond a reasonable doubt) to the regulatory institutions that the player was engaged in nefarious actions, meant to exploit the casino’s platform in any shape or form for personal gains.

Predatory Practices Are Prevalent Among “Shady” Casinos

Online gambling establishments that are not regulated or licensed by a specific jurisdiction but still present there, not only have “complaint-proof” terms and conditions but can ban your account at practically any time they feel like it. Most times, this happens to players who are lucky – some of these untrustworthy casinos have a rule such as “any irregular betting patterns will be classified as cheating and result in a ban.” In some of the most severe cases, betting any bonus funds on a “not allowed” game would also result in a ban. Should such an event take place, the less-reputable operator would freeze the banned player’s funds and absorb them as “punitive damages” for that player’s alleged breaking of casino rules.

If banned, a player will have no way of filing any type of complaint to any administration. “Shady” online casinos are unregulated, and everyone should always stay away from them. There are thousands of stories of regular players who have been basically “robbed” by untrustworthy online casinos, just because they were lucky enough to win. In a case where a decision by such venue is disputed, they will change their own terms and conditions in a way that redeems them; what is worse, is that they often feature a clause that states “the casino reserves its right to change, modify or remove any of its terms and conditions at their own discretion, without the need to notify its players.” If you read something like this in any casino’s terms and conditions, stay away from it.

The Use of Betting Systems May Result in a Ban

This is a very touchy subject, even among trustworthy casinos. The use of betting strategies such as the Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, etc. can be identified as an “irregular betting pattern.” Even if a player is a member of a renowned casino, the use of any strategies may result in a temporary suspension (until the case is resolved); however, some venues will outright ban a player completely. In our opinion, using any type of betting strategy is not considered cheating as it’s not classified as an attempt to affect the game’s outcome – some of the best online casinos out there understand this, and it is why they allow the use of betting strategies.

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